National Welders Facility Dedicated

National Welders dedicated their new $22 million air separation plant in May. The plant supplies large industrial customers with liquid nitrogen, oxygen and argon. Local companies already being served are AlliedSignal, ICI and Aqualon in Hopewell through a nine-mile pipeline. It also serves NASA, military bases, waste treatment plants and steel mills.

Commercial & Industrial Trends 1994-97

The Chesterfield business community is creating wealth and new employment opportunities at a rapid pace.

Welcome Hewlett-Packard!

Hewlett-Packard has opened its America’s Product Completion Center in the River’s Bend Center.

Ind Com Announcement

Ind Com, an industrial contractor currently located in Chesterfield, has expanded into 7,300 square feet in the Willis Road Business Center. The company has eight employees.

ECPI Announcement

ECPI, a technical college, has opened a new location in Moorefield Office Park. The school is located at 800 Moorefield Park Drive. The college has 30 full-time and 20 part-time employees.