Tranlin Changes Name to Vastly


Tranlin, Inc.  has changed its name to Vastly.  The company is investing $2 billion to construct an advanced manufacturing facility in Chesterfield County, Virginia that will create 2,000 jobs in the region by 2020.

They issued the following statement on its website.

As our aspirations have grown, so has our identity. We sought a name that captures the main idea of our mission: to make superior products in a way that gives back to the earth and restores our natural environment.

We’re thinking differently, on a global scale and a local scale, adopting a long-view perspective. We’re focusing our efforts to uncover new and ingenious ways to make products in harmony with natural systems.

We believe in the vast potential of this way of thinking. That’s why we’re Vastly.

Company official,  John Stacey, senior vice president for marketing and sales, said the Tranlin moniker will remain for legal purposes.

“We are in the process of transitioning consumer and public facing branding to Vastly while leveraging the awareness of Tranlin Inc. that has been created over the last couple of years,” said Stacey.