Chesterfield County: 4th fastest job-growth of counties in U.S.A.

Employee Picking

From December 2014 to December 2015, employment increased in 308 of the 342 largest U.S. counties, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported yesterday.

During that period, Chesterfield County added jobs at the fourth-fastest rate in the country. From the 4th quarter of 2014 to the 4th quarter of 2015, employment in Chesterfield County grew by 6.0%. The increase for the entire United States was 1.9% for the same period.

County employment and wage data are from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) program, which provides the only detailed quarterly and annual universe count of establishments, employment, and wages at the county, MSA, state, and national levels by detailed industry. These detailed data are published within six months following the end of each calendar quarter.