New Kroger Fuel Center Opens at Marketplace Store in Stonebridge

A new Kroger Fuel center opened Monday afternoon at the Stonebridge development on the site of the former Cloverleaf Mall. It is the biggest Kroger Fuel center in the Richmond area and one of the biggest in the company. The center can fuel 18 vehicles at one time including diesel fuel. The fuel center also sells snacks, auto products, lottery tickets, ice, 24-pack and 32-pack water. Kroger’s fuel reward program features discounts up to $2.00 per gallon based on purchases in the store.

Kroger’s newest Marketplace Store is the first one of its kind on the east coast. Besides Kroger’s wide selection of grocery and perishable items, this store will feature products never seen in a traditional Kroger store.

The Marketplace store will carry a wide variety of items ranging from everyday groceries to a living room suit. The store will have sections such as Baby World, Expanded Home Décor, Toy World, Dyson Vacuum Cleaners, Starbucks, and a Bistro staffed with 2 executive chefs. The Bistro will provide seating for 60 people and offer WIFI along with Direct TV for customers.

The grand opening of the new Kroger Marketplace store is scheduled for December 5th at 7AM.